The Billy Arnett Band
The Billy Arnett Band

Leaving Ground

genre: Country, Blues, Americana
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creation date: 2015-08-15

Leaving Ground
tony cee
09/20/23 03:17:36PM @tony-cee:
brilliant songwriting , superb mix really catchy song , well worth the listen brill stuff ....cheers tony cee
The Billy Arnett Band
07/17/16 08:45:11PM @the-billy-arnett-band:
Thank you so much @rusty-james. I really appreciate it.
The Billy Arnett Band
07/17/16 08:12:45PM @the-billy-arnett-band:
Thank you @stephan-foster! That means a lot to me man. I really appreciate it!
The Billy Arnett Band
07/17/16 08:08:25PM @the-billy-arnett-band:
Thank you so much @trinity-venom! I try to keep it real honest, so I really appreciate you comment a lot!
stephan foster
07/17/16 07:57:31PM @stephan-foster:
This is the way country music should sound. Real and raw, not the over-produces stuff you hear on the radio now days. You hear this story and you feel that these guys have lived it. Well done!
The Billy Arnett Band
03/08/16 06:55:51PM @the-billy-arnett-band:
Thank you so much @Lyrical-Princess! You are too nice and I'm truly honored that my music touched a familiar chord with you. That's what it's always been about. I look forward to meeting you too on the boards!! Thanksgiving again!!!
Lyrical Princess
03/08/16 05:55:31PM @lyrical-princess:
I've listened to this song twice. Ok.. 3 times now. I'm at a loss for words. Do you ever hear a song, that touches you in a way that you want to compliment it, I mean really say something good about it...But, not be able to find words good enough ? This is one of those songs. Your vocals, the music, production.. Everything sounds fantastic.. But the song itself, moves me. Inside and out. I don't know if that makes sense. Anyway, IMHO... I think this is radio ready and I don't know why you guys haven't been signed. You are so much better than what's playing out there. People are missing so much. I love this song..
It's a keeper :) And the more songs I hear, the bigger Fan I become.. Hopefully I'll get a chance to meet you guys in the mix radio chat sometime. Maybe they'll interview you (If they haven't already). I look forward to hearing more.

All The Best,

The Billy Arnett Band
08/19/15 07:52:18PM @the-billy-arnett-band:
Thank you Bud! I sure appreciate you taking the time to leave an encouraging comment! Thanks so much
08/19/15 07:14:40PM @buddrumming:
Rockin Tune! Great playing , Great recording! luv it! Bud
The Billy Arnett Band
08/17/15 10:35:24AM @the-billy-arnett-band:
Thank you so much @Cooter! I sure appreciate your kind words!
08/17/15 09:18:37AM @cooter:
This is such a cool tune. Everything about it compliments everything else about it, And I love your voice, good sir.
The Billy Arnett Band
08/16/15 11:10:42PM @the-billy-arnett-band:
Thanks so much Doug.I appreciate you so much, and have since day 1!
The Billy Arnett Band
08/16/15 08:51:51AM @the-billy-arnett-band:
Thank you a lot Gene!
08/16/15 08:41:08AM @gene-smith:
Love these lyrics and they are played and sung so well. Very nice indeed!
The Billy Arnett Band
08/16/15 08:25:02AM @the-billy-arnett-band:
Wow, thank you so much! I really appreciate that a lot.
Barefoot Music
08/16/15 05:57:21AM @barefoot-music-group:
So wonderful to recognize a Billy Arnett Band song from the intro. Awesome empowering tune.
Your vocals have an authenticity of emotion that with the lyrics tell of a familiar thoughts.
Liking everything about this song,especially the chorus melody, it's a good catchy hook, had me humming along first listen.
Now I want to hear it again.

The Billy Arnett Band
08/15/15 11:40:47PM @the-billy-arnett-band:
Here's abother new one


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