The Billy Arnett Band
The Billy Arnett Band

Can't Live Long

genre: Country, Blues, Americana
streams: 116
creation date: 2015-08-14

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It's amazing that some of us are still here and kicking after some of the things that we've pulled and been through. Here's a little song about that....
Can't Live Long
The Billy Arnett Band
08/15/15 03:57:37PM @the-billy-arnett-band:
Thank you @Rusty-James -Tsargoth. I appreciate that!
The Billy Arnett Band
08/15/15 04:15:14AM @the-billy-arnett-band:
Thank you. This was a fun one to cut.
08/15/15 03:56:44AM @gene-smith:
This one is energy from the first note, love it!@


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