The Righteous Blues Band
The Righteous Blues Band

Well it's looking like we'll be playing at the benefit for Life Unlimited Food Ministry on Oct 4 at Eagle Mountain Int'l Church in Newark, TX. There will be a motorcycle run for the purpose of collecting food and toys for the Life Unlimited Food Ministry in Ft Worth,TX. The plan is to have food and live music from around Noon until about 2pm.

We're still working out some minor details, but we are very much looking forward to playing at this benefit. I'll pass info along as things get finalized.

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The Righteous Blues Band CD is now available on Mixposure!!!

The first CD from The Righteous Blues Band is now on Mixposure for download. Check it out and let us know what you think of it!


Have a blessed holiday!


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<p>This Saturday evening the <strong>Righteous Blues Band</strong> will be the Center Stage artist on the Saturday Night Rocks Show. Mike will be playing 5 songs from my upcoming CD which will be finished later this year. I'm looking forward to listening to the show and talking to some friends in the chatroom...</p><p>See everyone there tomorrow night!</p>

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<p>Tomorrow is the day!!!! Two of my songs will be on WWOZ radio tomorrow afternoon!</p><p>I'm sending the two song files to the DJ tonight and he said that he will play them on his show tomorrow afternoon.</p><p>The radio show is from 2:00-4:00 PM every Wednesday and is called "Blues and R&amp;B: Sittin' at the Crossroads with Big D". You can listen to the show live on the website.</p><p>Here is address to the website... <a href=""></a></p><p>On the WWOZ home page you can see a player that will allow you to listen to the live broadcasts.</p><p>Hopefully some of you will be able to check out the show online thru the website. They do not archive the broadcasts yet, so there's no way to listen to the show later if you don't catch it live. I have checked out the playlist of some of his previous shows and he plays some big name blues artists, so my songs could be in very good company on the show. I don't know if this could be a big push for my music or not...all I know is that a door has been opened for me and I'm walking thru it.</p><p>I'll be taking tomorrow afternoon off from work to be home and listen to the whole show and may even call in to thank the DJ after my songs are played. Who knows...maybe he'll put me on the air?</p><p>I am still very humbled and honored to have the opportunity for my music to reach a whole new audience. I just hope that people will like the songs. Who knows what can or will happen after the songs are on the air?</p><p>Thanks again to all of you who support me with my music...</p>

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Potentially BIG news regarding my music...

By T-Bone-BBQ, 2010-11-01

<p>It looks like two of my songs are going to be on WWOZ radio in New Orleans very soon, possibly this Wednesday. A person who is a fan of my music page on Facebook turns out to be a DJ on the radio station and wants to play a couple of my songs on his&nbsp;show.&nbsp;The show is on Wednesdays from 2:00-4:00 in the afternoon. They don't archive their&nbsp;broadcasts, so I'll have to do my best to listen to the whole thing from work which will be tough, but I'm sure going to try.&nbsp;</p><p>More details coming as soon as I get them. This could be a VERY cool thing...</p>

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New jam up using my new computer...

By T-Bone-BBQ, 2010-02-15

<p>I got me a new laptop over the weekend for recording and man is it fast compared to my old computer.&nbsp; <img title="Surprised" src="" border="0" alt="Surprised" /></p><p>Anyways...I did this quick one-take jam along with a backing track to test everything out. The jam is nothing special with lots of mistakes and such, but it was fun to do. I used the neck pickup on my SC90S into my V-Amp Pro and into the computer for recording. The new computer mixed and exported everything so fast compared to my old system I was completely amazed... <img title="Cool" src="" border="0" alt="Cool" /></p><p>The song is called "New computer test" if anyone wants to check it out...</p>

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Full song up to listen to...

By T-Bone-BBQ, 2009-11-29

<p>I put the full version of "Never Knew His Love" up so it can be listened to. Please check it out and give me some feedback on the mix of the song. I'm still working on getting better at eq-ing songs and mixing them, so any hints or thoughts will help.</p><p>Thanks...</p>

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<p>My songs "<strong>Never Knew His Love</strong>" and "<strong>(I'm A) Christian Man</strong>" will be on the Metal Master show tonight, so tune in and check it out!</p><p>If you get a chance to listen to the songs, please go to my page and leave me a review of what you think of the songs or send me a message.</p><p>I'll be in the chatroom at about 7:30 CST tonight...see you then!!!</p>

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