tony cee
tony cee
tony cee


album: spotlight
genre: pop/country
streams: 93
creation date: 2022-12-01

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this is a old song hope you like it cheers tony cee
Melani Cholie
01/17/24 04:24:42PM @melani-cholie:
very nice song!!!
Farrell Jackson
11/22/23 09:39:46AM @farrell-jackson:
I came back for another listen to this jewel Tony. I echo my comments from 2022...they hold up for 2023 and beyond! So well done...I dig it.
Eric Saitz
09/01/23 01:36:00PM @eric-lee-saitz:
Hi Tony Sounding, so good. Love that harp! Got a Dr. Hook feel to it which I love.

Frank Northcutt
12/20/22 06:54:08PM @frank-northcutt:
Catchy tune, infectious hook.
You have such a great feel for these soulful tunes. Nice work!

Marek Starx
12/12/22 02:01:51PM @marek-starx:
Music to my ears! Great song!
carol sue
12/09/22 10:58:47AM @carol-sue:
I sure love listening to your music.
Thanks for these happy and inspiring music moments, Tony!
Such a catchy number~ love the vibe. :) Hope to connect with you on another song in 2023.
Best of wishes to you & yours. ***** Carry on, my friend in music!

Round The Globe
12/04/22 09:19:13AM @round-the-globe:
I like the vibe of this song, it has a feel-good mood and the vocals are appealing to me.
12/02/22 10:09:37AM @jimsae:
Helluva track, Tony! Love the snappy beat, and the vocals and backing track is outstanding. The layered vocals are very, very cool!
Aira Winterland
12/02/22 07:43:37AM @aira-winterland:
Hi Tony. This song captivated me in the first listen. Everything on the song is great. Melody, lyrics, voice and arrangements. Congratulations my dear friend!
Gary Dabrowski
12/01/22 07:56:31PM @gary-dabrowski:
very nice Tony...I likes it a lot!
Farrell Jackson
12/01/22 06:39:43PM @farrell-jackson:
A very cool and bouncy song Tony! Excellent vocals and the Strat really rings out. I dig that chorus and the melodic lead solo...well done Tony Cee!


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