Twank Whelan
Twank Whelan

Regret - Rogue Fungi

album: Rogue Fungi
genre: Blues Rock
streams: 56

  Song Lyrics
Always moving forwardnever retracinghow could you blame meI was only embracingrise up from your dreamsSo rebellious so extremeChanging it, rearranging itthe...
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A half dozen tunes waiting to get heard, this one we just finished jumped to the head of the pack!  Enjoy!
Regret - Rogue Fungi
The Gigglefits
11/06/21 12:14:34AM @the-gigglefits:
So loving this my new favorite from you
11/04/21 03:56:23PM @bad-love-junkie:
Who's that backing vocals??? :) This one jumped to front of the pack of my favorite songs from you. Such a cool vibe. Bluesy yet still funky. I was not expecting this, and it was a totally enjoyable surprise. I do have to say that I like the contrast between the melodic backing vocals and the gritty delivery of your vocals Dave. Fantastic job fellas!

Michael Slider
11/02/21 06:11:28PM @michael-slider:
Great song bro. Reminds me of Lou Reed.
Farrell Jackson
11/02/21 09:10:52AM @farrell-jackson:
I dig the acoustic opening and the tuning! The call and answer vocals are perfect...nice work there Twank! Man there is a lot of ear candy in this one and it just keeps harmonica stabs! Well done Rogue Fungi!
11/02/21 08:44:27AM @ronbowes:
Lodato-ish sound to that acoustic intro. Lot going on in this track, but all melds into a cool track. I particularly ike the cross over vocals.
11/01/21 08:46:18PM @moquinn:
Cool song David ~ enjoying it all ~ great sound ~ I am not tech savvy, but, I know what I like ~ great stereo separation

11/01/21 06:48:51PM @stringking:
Great production, great song, i sure did enjoy it


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