Choir Of The Etherial Cathedral

album: Homegrown
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 105
creation date: 2008-03-10

Choir Of The Etherial Cathedral
Barefoot Music
05/20/18 03:39:05PM @barefoot-music-group:
Love that Hammond sound, nothing says classic rock or prog rock to me better. This is quite epic and aptly so per it's title.
04/09/12 02:11:21PM @david-c-deal:
Lord I last reviewed this in 2008.. can you believe how time passes? This is my favorite of yours I do believe... So good to listen again to the amazing William on keys...huge and emotionally powerful production
07/17/09 05:33:34PM @thentherewasone:
I agree with TCP about the Rick Wakeman thing. A wonderfully created composition.
Superb job mate.

08/23/08 05:54:42AM @syntopia-music:
What a great sound and fantastic arranged song. I like the style very, great production

Sven / Syntopia

07/09/08 09:44:19PM @michael-palmieri:
Hello William,

I remember when your fabulous "Choir Of The Etherial Cathedral" was in its infancy. It's wonderful and really demonstrates your superb musicianship, playing and production skills!

my best,

04/02/08 11:29:40AM @david-c-deal:
This is one of those songs that fills your head and your heart. It is so BIG!! I also love the balance of sounds. William is one of the best B3 players I've ever heard but this is a great demonstration of his synth skills.
Dave Deal

03/14/08 08:32:38PM @henry-tarnecky:
Liked the reverb on the drums right away.. sets the stage for a big stage or auditorium sound and then the massive chord movements and sweeping synth... really gets ethereal... full of sound color it paints a big spirtual picture dude. Nice stuff!
03/12/08 06:12:01AM @mike-lynn:
I like this one. Very good instrumental. The opening got my concentration all through the end of the song. Fabulous.
03/11/08 08:40:10AM @tcp:
Epic sounding..reminiscent of classic Rick Wakeman. Very well orchestrated. Choir/pipe organ is welcome addition around 3:00 mark furthering theme development. Nicely done and moving, excellent recording. Flows well with lots of sonic coloring. Beautiful man. ~Blake


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