David C Deal
David C Deal
David C Deal

Flowing Deep In the Night

album: Transformations
genre: Jazz
streams: 245
creation date: 2008-02-18

  Song Lyrics
Flowing Deep in the Night The eternal spring is hidden but I know where the waters have their rise, flowing deep in the night. I do not know of it’s birth,...
  Song Information
David c Deal: composition, keyboards Cynthia Cruz Zachrich: vocals Les Brooke: bass Andrew Vargo: drums Earthsongs: Native American Flute
Flowing Deep In the Night
11/08/20 08:41:41AM @david-c-deal:
Always loved this tune, so silky and sultry !

Thank you so much for the revisit William. Great to hear from you in general. Let's keep in touch please.

11/08/20 12:48:05AM @william:
Always loved this tune, so silky and sultry !
01/16/10 02:16:40PM @genghisken:
Staggering production, beautiful lyrics delivered by stunning vocals. Overall sound quality again is amazing, the message here is pure power disguised in a smooth jazzy ensemble. fantastic!
04/17/09 06:10:04PM @vesa:
Was lookin' for something cool & jazzy; came to the right place...sounds familiar, I just think it's Cynthia's great wonderful vocals; one of my fave lady singers here...nice tone & range & confident expreesive styling. A catchy tune, works so well with the keys; esp. the organ. Like the change with a build up & then back into a soft gentle breeze. A great composition. Well written...good sound levels, a bit of space in there as an instrument...into my faves, becauase I love it. Top notch jazzy artistry, love that flute in the entro...neat chimes..an earthy feel. Clever fine idea.
SUPERB David...love it.
Thanks for the pleasure Cynthia & all.
-Your friend. -Vesa.

03/16/09 09:58:40PM @3rd-degree-beats-and-music:
This is very nice, the quality is amazing. Really liking what I hear. Very nice.
Juri R
02/12/09 11:54:35AM @grand-jury:
Wow-wow,that's a classy song performed with the deep understandin' of the subtleties of the style and very convincin' delivery.Cynthia is singin' it fantastically,with a great impressive power.Very enjoyable listening!
01/13/09 03:18:02PM @slowmarchingband:
What a great collab! The mix sounds very pristine! Wow, the girl can really sing! Bass is very smooth and seductive. Ooohh, that flute...There ain't a thing or instrument that doesn't sound PRO. I'm in total awe Dave!!! Thanks for the free download. I'm grabbin' while the grabbin' is good!
Abbeyville Road
09/15/09 05:33:45AM @abbeyvilleroad:
Boy I'm really enjoying this tune and loving the sultry voice, it is so well sung and interpreted!
12/20/08 05:39:05PM @zzaj:
If more of the singers in the church I "grew up" (more rather like "grew down") in had this level of SOUL, I'd have probably turned out better... that organ down under projects some masterful touches of soulfullness as well. A very nice track... I'm enjoying it quite muchly. Really LIKE your arrangements, lots of little nuances to be discovered/savored!
Farrell Jackson
04/09/11 10:47:16AM @farrell-jackson:
Oh yeah David.....I'm so glad this song popped up on the front page to remind me of what a quality piece of music it is....sounds as good as ever.....


05/22/08 11:59:10AM @tlt50:
Wow..........Outstanding production...grabs me from the start. Vocals are sensual and beautiful. All the musicians in this song are amazing.Truly an exceptional track......Kudos !!!

Larry T*****

05/16/08 09:09:00AM @brian-mattson:
Very sensual piece David. You created a great jazz bed for Cynthia to do her magic. Everything supports the vocals so well, Kudos to all! I especially liked the space created, very tastefully done!
05/08/08 03:18:47PM @tcp:
Wonderfully complete and flowing Dave. The upfront vocal works so well with the dynamics of the textures further back....organ and flute. I always expect soulful playing from everyone, great compositions, and perfect productions when I come here. Certainly all were achieved in this song, once again.

I applaude you and the band, esp the singer and you. Great piece Dave!!!


02/26/08 02:41:42PM @mark-cloutier:
wow--blown away--what a voice and some fantastic jazzy musicianship going on here--powerful stuff--sexy no doubt!!!!!!!!!!
02/20/08 09:36:19AM @henry-tarnecky:
Cynthia's vocals are exceptional in this "BEAUTIFU"L track. The ORGAN blends AND SWELLS so well... nice piano and WOW! HER VOICE IN THE LOWER REGISTER IS VERY APPEALING....mighty & strong... very nicely done... a TRAILER at the end for the Astute LISTENER Too...... congratulations great music!
02/19/08 07:10:53PM @self-tort:
Smokey work, this one. Wonderful piece of music. Great sparse piano and bass are just perfect. Gorgeous vocals. Really sensual vocal performance with wonderful phrasing. The balance of the mix is really superb. The placement of the organ, for example is inspired.....it gives a teasing sort of effect. Incredibly classy piece of music.
02/19/08 09:02:15AM @mark-reed:
This is pure class, cracking song, very well done
02/19/08 06:36:58AM @ab1:
dave doing jazz is a real puller for me.. oh man.. is that sensual and sultry.. what an intro.. whoa.. doesn't need it but would I loved to play a bit of slow clean jazz guitar in there doc.. wow.. who's the singer?.. perfectly at home in this jazzy ballad style.. wonderful vocal.. dave you got a great band man.. and it's so true about that bass.. lovely tone and phrasing on the bassline.. awesome keys and the organ is brilliant.. those obligato fills add the icing to this very inticing cake.. great song david.. thank you.. compliments to your singer.. cheers :-)
02/19/08 02:28:25AM @ab2:
Have to say that bass is noticably good...then that fabulous vocal slips effortlessly in with a beautiful voice..Very laid back, sexy....Horizontal......A great listen...:-)

Peace n Love Mags xx :-)


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