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My band Siberian Solstice had a fantastically enjoyable season this year. Videos from our final concert are almost complete and I have posted one from the final concert of this season to mixposure... "Sarajevo" by TSO.


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Together We Stand.. Remarkable piece of video art by Yvonne J

Yvonne J created this remarkable video to encapsulate and unify with the song Together We Stand, by Chris Georgiou and myself. We hope you enjoy!

https://www.mixposure.com/david-c-deal/youtube/4153/together-we-stand David c Deal

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Welcome to Mixposure Chuck. Mix friends, Chuck is now drumming for Siberian Solstice and is one hec of a musician, drummer and producer. He has just signed up for a Mixposure account. You can check him out at  www.chuckmauk.com in the meantime if you like.  David c Deal

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Published on the music site of The Autumnleaf is a song Twilight. Autumnleaf is a fantastic band from India who asked me (David c Deal) to produce a this song as well as add keys and such. Kephas added some beautiful lead guitar and David Coonrod provide the bass. It is available here. (or here  Twilight

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Live Siberian Solstice 2016 video of Trans Siberian Orchestra's Sarajevol

Our lead singer has finished producing a live video of our 2015 concert selections. This is the first song posted on You Tube of Trans Siberian Orchestra's Sarajevo performed by Siberian Solstice. We hope you all enjoy. I'll be posting more as they are completed.


Thank you.

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Together We Stand (DcDeal, CGeorgiou, JHunter)


The first collab between Chris Georgiou and myself. I wrote lyrics, sang, played  acoustic guitar and some keys. Chris did the rest. My granddaughter Jocelynne Hunter did spoken parts.

The song was a reaction to the nightly terrorism/war reports in contrast to the sense of hope I felt with the response in France. This is a Pink Floyd/Genesis type epic piece best heard with headphones. We hope you enjoy!


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Musical Inspiration and Joy.. a Personal Experience



Musical Inspiration and Joy. . A personal Experience

By David c Deal

In about 2005 the band I had been in, called “One of These Daze”, ended in that painful way such bands often do. I suddenly found myself without musical direction and found myself brainstorming for direction with two musician friends, Tim and Andy. Suddenly inspiration hit, “I’ll make a cd which reflects all of the spiritual experiences I have had in my life. No religion, just pure experiences.”

At that moment a four year journey began which consumed my non working hours. Often I have taken part in long discussions about where artistic and in particular musical inspiration germinates. I mostly rely on the explanation provided by Victor Wooten in his marvelous book, “The Music Lesson”. He labels the source of creative musical energy as “Music” with a capital M, treating Music as an active, conscious spirit behind all true musical expression. As I look back at that era between 2005 and 2009 I can now perceive how I was indeed the fortunate recipient of “Music’s” energy, direction, motivation and blessed possession.

 During those years, one by one, I was provided with the musical seeds of what became the various songs on the CD Transformations. My constant effort in writing these songs, practicing them, learning how to record at a new home studio was not experienced as effort but as intense, concentrated joy. When working on a song I would think, “Tom’s guitar style would be great on this, or Cynthia’s voice would sound great on this” and one by one musicians of the finest quality would record their inspirations at my asking. Never did a single musician refuse a request to add to any of the songs on the CD and not once did any of their contributions not fit beautifully. Fourteen different musicians participated. A young artist/musician friend volunteered to design the CD cover which I swear is truly a work of art. A local musician/studio owner recorded three of the songs at no charge and mentored my efforts to learn how to record in my newly created home studio.  Now that I look back I am aware how “Music” was actively shaping not just me but all of these other musicians and artists.

I followed publication of the CD by earnestly learning about record labels, publicity, internet publication, ASCH, copyright laws, “song shoppers” and discovered that marketing a CD is not nearly as enjoyable as creating such a project.

I am now aware that “Music” has withdrawn a large percentage of the inspiration which flowed through my being during those years. She still periodically uses my limited talents in writing, performing, collaborative creation and/or in the production of individual songs and when she does I feel my musically driven soul again burst into focused light. I am blessed and extremely grateful for her inspiration both in the past and the present. In conclusion, I want to express my gratitude at being a “conduit” along with so many old and new friends; for being a shared recipient of Music’s inspirational energy.

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Siberian Solstice full concert video (Trans-Siberian Orchestra music)

Ken Richer of TV 26 recorded and produced a video of our 2014 concert and posted it to You Tube. You'll recognize myself on keyboards, David Coonrod on bass, plus Marie Moore on piano, Kevin Peters on guitar, Jeff Montgomery on guitar, Steve Parker on drums and Tom Sprague vocals and narration.

Siberian Solstice

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