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@MoeQuinn, 12/15/15 10:37:36PM
David how I do love your music & I have yet to listen to all of your tracks but, each one has its own way of touching my heart ~ the song Help Me Fly brings tears to my eyes for it reminds me of when I was a young girl & I was Princess to my Daddy who is no longer with us ~ how I miss him so ~ thank you for sharing your exceptional talents with us
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@P Eric Bailey, 12/08/14 01:21:51PM
Thanks for hanging in there with me, my brother.

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@mikestrat664, 11/20/14 09:38:15PM
My name is Michael Paul Stratton, and I am a funny hip hop music artist, please check out my funny songs for laughs, and giggles!
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@Chris Georgiou, 08/10/14 02:03:14PM
Thanks a lot my dear friend, for taking that time, listen to my music.
We talk soon David.
Take care of you and all the best...
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@Farrell Jackson, 12/22/13 11:47:30PM
Hi David. Hey thanks for listening to Another Day That Ends in "Y". I don't know why the song info and lyric isn't showing which would explain something about this song. I'm getting real disappointed in things at Mix lately but nonetheless here's the info. that is supposed to be available with the song and blog that will explain your question "Is this a new Rayon Vert Song?" :

A modern blues rocker. This is a Rayon Vert song that's been reworked with it's original lyric idea. We had posted this a few years ago under "The Legend" title as a Halloween song so the music may sound familiar to some of you. DrC and I are working on a project that is encompassing various blues styles so we thought this song was a good fit for this project.

DrC - All keyboards, drums prgm, mix/production.

Rob Grant - Bass

Gary Carciello - lead and rhythm guitars.

Farrell Jackson - songwriter, rhythm guitar, and all vocals.

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@josephrodz, 10/24/13 09:01:28AM
Happy Birthday!
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@John R. Kennedy, 10/19/13 11:48:51PM
David, In order to send me a private message, you have to go to my site and click on the Following button in the right hand corner. Once you are following me you can use the New Note button on your messages page. In the subject box enter private note, for recipient you will have to fill it out with Middle of the Road (John R. Kennedy)or as your filling it out a drop down box may come down with my name in it. Hope it works. Later, John
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@Mystery Loves Company, 09/11/13 03:46:11PM
David, thank you for your comment on "Tonight I Know". You can stream the whole track at www.mysteryloves.com.
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@BucTheGreat, 06/10/09 09:15:25PM
hello david nice talking to you
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@BucTheGreat, 10/27/08 01:08:21PM
Hi David, Thanks for the welcome and turning me on to this site!
Peace Doc, Tony