Port Mahadia CD release

By bpmusic, 2008-03-11
Port Mahadia CD release

Press Release
Port Mahadia; A New Flavor of Progressive Rock
Giordano Entertainment is proud to announce the 2007 release of Echoes in Time from the band Port Mahadia. This album not only features some of the best musicians in the world of progressive rock but also marks a new step forward for some American musicians who have finally received the opportunity to explore their love of the progressive genre.
Echoes In Time was written by guitar virtuoso Cameron Castle alongside bassist and lyricist Erinn Waggoner. This first collaboration of the two resulted in an album with dramatic musical shifts from the sublime and upbeat song, "Distant Shores," to the dramatic and heavy sound of the track, "Requiem of the Mind". Lyrically the interwoven story tells an exciting tale while leaving room for the listener's mind to discover their own meaning at the conclusion of the album. Waggoner states, "I have never done anything more complicated than this, writing an album that leads the listener and yet forces them to resolve the story in their own mind."
There are some true musical heavyweights that appear on this album which is sure to tweak the curiosity of even the casual progressive rock listeners. Rusty Clutts joins Waggoner in the rhythm section and provides a wonderful mix of technical drumming as well as tasteful dynamics. Chicago keyboard wizard, William O'Connell, performs throughout the works providing interesting lead, backing and accent pieces. The bulk of the albums vocals are provided by Damian Wilson (Threshold, Headspace, Aryeon) who's strong and clear voice tells the story wonderfully. Making guest appearances on various tracks throughout are David Ragsdale of the band Kansas on violin (David has also appeared on albums with Smashing Pumpkins, Quensryche and Motherland) and Hugh McDowell of Electric Light Orchestra fame on cello.
Echoe's In Time features radio friendly tracks as well as tradition elongated progressive centerpieces that are sure to please diehard fans. Look for Port Mahadia's, Echoes In Time to be a must have for any lover of progressive rock.
Tunes may be sampled at www.myspace.com/portmahadia
Available at CDBaby.com and soon at Amazon.com, ITunes.com and other online outlets.
Official website : www.portmahadia.com

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