Calm Before The Storm

album: Homegrown
genre: Ambient
streams: 149
creation date: 2008-03-10

Calm Before The Storm
08/13/08 10:54:54PM @vesa:
Didn't notice this one...a belated response; since I am not staying calm anymore along the way. Certainly a good title for what takes musical shape. Like the sweeping effect/sound on the organ, while you have a melodic on the other hand; somewhat mystical mood, -kool for a film track. Great playing William; got a real broding tune here. EXCELLENT.
-Your friend. -Vesa.

07/23/08 08:31:11AM @tcp:
Love the build up in this mini-bolero classical piece with the clav and bass entering the scene and lush synth textures. Really nice synth playing and colors. Big sounds and my kind of vibe....great William!! ~Blake
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09/19/08 08:08:24PM @:
A nice dreamy atmospheric groove. Kind of Floydian...Nice William!
04/02/08 11:34:21AM @david-c-deal:
This is one of William's more classically oriented pieces. It start slow and steady and gradually builds to a full and beautiful climax. (Yeah, sort of the same as what you were thinking :) ) Classic, talented synthesizer composition.
Dave Deal

03/12/08 02:08:34PM @corrado-rossi:
Nice modulations and enjoyed the analog synth sounds.
The mood is intriguing and I liked the song development.
A good work, simple but with a particular flavour...
Enjoyed the listen, my friend :)
Cheers, Corrado

03/11/08 10:14:42AM @ab2:
Mood music for sure...Love the subtle suspense created..I will be keeping this for sure...downloading as I type...Has an almost cathedral sound happening here...Strange creatures from the crypt spring to mind...A great listen....:-)Nice little piano outro...

Peace n Love Mags xx :-)

03/10/08 01:41:42PM @mark-cloutier:
oh this is nice--has a cool darkness about it--would be the calm before the storm no doubt!chords are well put together and that one chord-man--creepy--straight from a horror flick! love when the melody lines come in--adds to the creepiness--love it!!


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