Against All Odds

album: Abigail
genre: Instrumental Rock
streams: 28
creation date: 2023-12-09

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Hello All, This tune, and I know it's a copy, is one of the tunes I've been working on with my niece, Abigail Campins.  Every once in a while, she'll go...
Against All Odds
12/19/23 12:04:20PM @william:
Thanks again Tony, Glad you enjoyed it !
tony cee
12/18/23 02:08:05PM @tony-cee:
nice cover , great vocals nice listen ......cheers tony cee
12/15/23 12:30:00PM @william:
Thankyou Carol-Sue. It is "precious" to work with Abby, she's a fine, young, woman, and it's family !
Nice to hear from you as well, it's been a while.

carol sue
12/15/23 07:28:58AM @carol-sue:
Beautiful rendition of such a great song!
Congratulations to you and your niece~ she really has a lovely voice and
it's precious that you do music together! Much enjoyed listening and it's nice
to see you here again @william ::encore:: *****

12/11/23 11:17:29AM @william:
Thanks SB and Rob.
Working with Abby is a treat. We have a good time together. And her open-mic performances can get pretty good. One time we were playing at a club, and she quieted the place.

And yes Rob, it's me ! I'm not dead yet lol.

Rob Grant
12/11/23 03:03:38AM @rob-grant:
Sounds GREAT! Nice soft voice, with great harmonies. I love hearing it as a keyboard based song….great choice of sounds❤️ Is this the old keyboard William I knew?
Bill B
12/11/23 01:07:35AM @bill-b:
Its is nice that you a help your niece with her music.
I'm sure many enjoy her singing, at the clubs.
I know I I liked hearing her sing this fine song so well.
I had all but forgotten it after so many years.
One of PC's biggest and best.
thanks for posting!


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