Elvin and Me

album: Homegrown
genre: Instrumental Rock
streams: 99
creation date: 2009-05-07

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A little ditty in keyboard-techniks,based around an ARP Pro Soloist.
Elvin and Me
11/08/09 11:49:28AM @implied-logic:
Hey, William! What a heavy duty groove! Wonderful arrangement and textures. I love the swells around 1:31, and the turns that took place aroun 1:49. I wish you lived in Akron... I sure could use you. Maybe a little long-distance recording project is in order...
05/09/09 11:01:54AM @mike-kohlgraf:
Excellent tunage here, William!!! It's on the show!!
05/07/09 01:10:56PM @david-c-deal:
Hey William. I certainly like your toy!!! Fantastic sounds. As has become so predictable with you, the song itself is structured, performed and produced beautifully. Another William winner.
David C Deal

05/07/09 12:06:28PM @mark-reed:
This is a very well crafted piece of work, super backing line. It haunts the piece as well as support it. Some imaginative melody phrases make this one a great listen. Well done excellent track
05/10/09 07:04:52PM @tlt50:
William..... man.... love the sounds, Fabulous !! Totally creative work... lush soundscapes to go with your fantastic skills...WOW..... the synth work is fabulous... just what I needed.... AWESOME !!! Stellar groove to go with all that exceptional keyboard work !!

Larry T *****


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