album: Homegrown
genre: Instrumental
streams: 86
creation date: 2009-05-24

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This is a tune/melody I've been playing for years, inspired by my daughter, Jennifer (she's my little "fairy" child).  Well, Jen's a big girl now and asked...
04/09/12 02:04:39PM @david-c-deal:
I do believe I have reviewed this song elsewhere but what a pleasure it is to refresh my musical ear with such extraordinary keyboard composition and performance.
10/09/10 02:55:17PM @cooter:
What a beautiful piece of music. Listening to this is a joy, William.

A wonderful story about your daughter, too. That must have brought a lot of happiness your way. Way cool.


11/28/09 11:10:30AM @henry-tarnecky:
Hey Willima... been awhile dude... this is just a sweet and yet powerful piece ... how nice it is to be able to express a momentus family event in song... something to be remembered by all in a years to come and something to be proud of! The counter movement with bass and keys at 3:30 really caught my ear...and then it continues to get even more interesting from there on...to the end!... well done my friend!

BTW.. using this extra Thanksgiving down time to sorta come out of hibernation from working deligently on a new TCP music project...!

best regards...henry

05/25/09 12:37:13PM @brian-mattson:
Jennifer must be very special daughter to have inspired this melody. It will be great for the wedding! Nice job!!
05/25/09 02:50:37PM @baracasa:
beautiful piano work, love the synth's, very pretty piece.
05/26/09 06:37:05AM @mel:
William, what a wonderful gift for your daughter Jennifer. From a father's heart, full of emotion with it's pretty sounds and beat for her feet to walk to. I wish you all well for a beautiful day, this is magical for her. Melsi
05/25/09 01:00:14AM @stratoace:
A most nice song..production/mix is pro sounding..piano and pads are super...Excellent work..strat..
05/25/09 01:28:00AM @gary-reed:
Very nice engineering/production job. Great song. It has a very surreal, hopeful feel to it. Should be in a movie score. Loved the instrumentation. Thanks for sharing.


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