long time good time w/ Chris Georgiou

album: learning things
genre: instrumental
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ricky - music, bass and backing guitars and that fuzzy synth in the way back.....Chris G.- those free spirit ,from the heart, lead guitars....he added the...
long  time good time   w/ Chris Georgiou
01/08/21 03:54:34PM @waveman:
great backing groove ricky, you and chris are keeping it smooth
01/07/21 02:57:48PM @bad-love-junkie:
I'm with Rich this pulled me in right from the start. I admire those who can tell a story without words and just let the music do all the talking. Congrats on AOTM! Nicely done and my hats off to all involved

01/03/21 08:15:35AM @wricky:
@lodato Thanks man , I just happened to hear from chris today , I know he will appreciate the listen also. Hope all rolls your way in 2021 !
01/02/21 11:07:06PM @lodato:
Wow. Just listening and am drawn in further and further. Excellent! KUDOS ON AOTM!!!
05/03/17 10:17:41PM @moquinn:
Ditto Ditto Ditto to all the previous comments ~ an avid fan & listener of MixPosure music ~ seen you in the chatroom a few times so thought I would take a listen to your music ~ loving this one ~ smooth & easy & soothes my spirit
03/28/17 07:03:44AM @x:
Hey Ricky, what a great time we had........look at the sun and be happy, yeaahh.
Chris G.

Doug Dickens
03/23/17 06:32:27PM @doug-dickens:
Lovin my listen ....
03/19/17 03:30:23PM @david-c-deal:
Sweet instrumental work Wricky, with Chris of course!
Farrell Jackson
03/18/17 04:26:19PM @farrell-jackson:
This has such a cool vibe Ricky and Chris! I like the acoustic and the electric slide work...super creation guys!



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