lost in a crowd with Jasmine and Waveman

album: learning things
genre: rock
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ricky- guitars and bass  , Jas -wrote the lyrics and performed the vocals , waveman- played all the KB's and drums and mixed it .  Whats it about...?   Only...
lost in a crowd with Jasmine and Waveman
Martin Valins
09/03/18 11:45:35AM @martin-valins:
Loving this song the vocals and arrangement is outstanding !!
07/22/18 12:22:55PM @waveman:
these musical memories and friendly collabs are the good part of the internet, very much appreciate being part of it guys
07/17/18 07:09:59AM @wricky:
Thanks @farrell-jackson and @carol-sue
Farrell Jackson
07/16/18 11:38:12PM @farrell-jackson:
This is such a cool song Ricky, waveman, and Jasmine...….I'm on my second listen and it's got a great nostalgic vibe....right on!
carol sue
07/16/18 09:58:56PM @carol-sue:
Perhaps words over-used, but true..This is so lovely!!
Congratulations on this collaboration. ::encore::


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