only a dream

album: learning things
genre: extrumental
streams: 91

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wandering the musical wilderness...the night is old and the scent is faint, yet the tune pursues the player in a dream
only a dream
Gary Shukoski
06/05/20 03:49:38AM @gary-shukoski:
A nice classic rock style groove! Cool use of palm muting and picking sequences with that alternating open "G".
06/04/20 09:18:48AM @waveman:
hey ricky how ya doin, hope all is well. soundin good man, turned a cool riff into another great arrangement. was fun yuckin it up on drums with this.
05/26/20 05:49:56AM @wricky:
Thanks Carol Sue :)
carol sue
05/25/20 08:01:23PM @carol-sue:
Oh nice.. hearing you again, Ricky!
Love how this flows along.. easy to wrap my ears around.
Hope you're doing okay, you're sounding fantastic! *****

05/25/20 06:42:41AM @wricky:
Thanks Farrell and happy weekend to all
Farrell Jackson
05/24/20 09:13:16AM @farrell-jackson:
This song has such a cool vibe Ricky....the guitar, bass and drums are in perfect locked step. Real tight brother!



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