Zeropage - Elektronic Transmission

By Zeropage, 2014-08-25
Zeropage - Elektronic Transmission
A groovy remix of our "Elektronic Transmission" live performance. There's also a video:  Elektronik Transmission

For the synthesizer enthusiast here's the lineup:

Elektron : Machinedrum, Monomachine, Octatrack, Analog Four, Analog Rytm

Roland Aira : TB-3

VSTi : Omnisphere, Blade, LuSH-101

Recording : Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, Octopro MKII Dynamic, E-RM midiclock, Ableton Live

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Zeropage feat. Atomic Insitute - Flip My Switch

Enjoy our new video:

Atomic Insitute - Flip My Switch


YouTube:Atomic Institute - Flip My Switch



Have fun!

Stefan, Zeropage (Switzerland)

Galaxy Jam by Zeropage (new Track & Video)

<p>A galactic jam by Zeropage: Progressive Dance with an Acid twist!&nbsp;<img title="Cool" src="" alt="Cool" border="0" /></p><p><a href="">Zeropage - Galaxy Jam (Audio Track)</a></p><p><a href=&quotZeropage - Galaxy Jam - Galaxy Jam (The Video)</a></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="425" height="350"></iframe></p>

Zeropage Sunday Jam: "Look Inside (Filter Lead Demo)"

<p>Zeropage Sunday Jam: <a href="">"Look Inside (Filter Lead Demo)"</a>. Why "Look Inside"? I have no idea, it's a random vocal sample (with a "slight touch" of fx *cough*)...&nbsp;<img title="Smile" src="" alt="Smile" border="0" /></p>

New Zeropage Videos

By Zeropage, 2010-05-02
New Zeropage Videos

<p>Hi!<br /><br />It was a loooong saturday for Zeropage this weekend: 2 new tracks and 2 new videos!<br /><br />What's interesting is that the arrangements were performed live on the Akai APC 40 and Novation Launchpad Ableton Live controllers. If you don't know these controllers you have to watch the videos!<br /><br />- Zeropage feat. da F: Deep Space Operators (Live) <a style="color: #111199 ! important;" href=&quotZeropage - Deep Space Operators (Live) (HD)</a><br />- Zeropage feat. da S: Space Quest (Live) <a style="color: #111199 ! important;" href=&quotZeropage - Space Quest (Live) (HD) <br /><br /></a>and on the <a href="">mixposure video page</a> <br /><br />Hope you enjoy!<br />Stefan &amp; Fred, Zeropage (Switzerland)</p>


By Zeropage, 2010-04-10

<p>Less melodies, more Spheres! da Zeropage weekend jam! still having fun with Ableton Live &amp; Akai APC40...</p><p></p><p>Greetings from Bern<br />Stefan, Zeropage (Switzerland)</p>

Hold On To Dreams (Filter Dance Mix)

By Zeropage, 2010-04-08
Hold On To Dreams (Filter Dance Mix)

<p>Usually we upload chill out tracks, sometimes with a dance twist... But this time it's a pure dance track: "Hold On To Dreams (Filter Dance Mix)"<br /><br />I tested ableton live software with the akai apc 40 controller, so this is kinda a first result... i think i have to check out this software a little more! the mix still needs some work... mastering process is a little bit different than in cubase which we are used to...<br /><br />well anyways, enjoy!<br />Stefan, Zeropage (Switzerland)</p>

Ambient Flight

By Zeropage, 2009-09-05
Ambient Flight

<p>This is the result of an internet collab of <a href="">Zeropage</a> (Switzerland) and <a href="">Mind Sculpture</a> (Scotland). We never met in a studio, all was done "online": Zeropage feat. Mind Sculpture - <a href="" title="Ambient Flight">Ambient Flight</a><br /><br />Going to take you on an ambient journey. <br /> Going to take you through an ambient mind. <br /> Flying through the landscape of your imagination. <br /> Now close your eyes... <br /> Listen to your heart <br /> It pulses like an engine <br /> Beating like a drum <br /> But there is something missing... <br /> Imagination is the fuel <br /> That gives the mind ignition <br /> To paint the vivid landscape <br /> An ambient vision. <br /> Dreams, music, electricity, clouds, future, mountains, rainbows, soul</p>

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