Mixposure Artist of the Month - Carol Sue

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Mixposure Artist of the Month - Carol Sue

Congratulations to Carol Sue for being the Artist of the Month. Carol Sue is a long time member and one of the biggest supporters of Indie Music I have ever seen. 

Thanks for all of your reviews and being a part of Mixposure Carol Sue .

carol sue
05/25/20 08:24:27PM @carol-sue:

Thank you kindly, @josephrodz
You were the one who invited me here.. how many years ago? lol
I've met some amazing people here, including yourself. Bless you! :)

05/25/20 07:53:30PM @josephrodz:
carol sue
04/26/20 08:36:01AM @carol-sue:
Very kind, thanks so much @jimsae + Kerrin!
Be well and stay blessed! :)

04/25/20 06:11:14PM @jimsae:
Well deserved, Carol Sue! Congratulations from Kerrin and me!
carol sue
04/22/20 06:08:48AM @carol-sue:
You've always been so kind to me.
I just adore you spacebud @david-c-deal
Stay well my friend. :) Thanks so much!

04/18/20 10:29:58AM @david-c-deal:
Nobody ever deserved this honor more than you Carol.
carol sue
04/14/20 01:22:40PM @carol-sue:
Does this mean that Todd is considering making new Mixposure T-shirts?
@dazed~ hehe.. :) Thanks for Mixposure!

carol sue
04/14/20 11:01:03AM @carol-sue:
Wow, thank you Mixposure! Thanks to the incredible DJ's too~ and all the wonderful artists here.
I can't forget to thank those who I have had the honor of making music with... Bless you all! :)

~Special Thanks ~ Collaborations~
Vic Kirkpatrick, Sherry Garrett, Jo & Jessica Divine, Essence~CarEss Music, Joseph Rodriguez, Bilbozo-Bill Smith, Slap Johnson, Mack Sanders, Paul Birkett-Mr. Destri~PbCsk Productions, Syngularity-Pascal Gregory, David C. Deal (myspace bud!), Doctor C., Rob Grant, Gary Carciiello, Farrell Jackson, Stonehead~Ian, Paul Tauterouff, Phildrummer, Drumadave, Peter Tamdog, Chris Georgiou, Bo Simmons, Gabriel Sabadi, Richard Gonzalez-Kephas, RedEyeC-Bob Forbes, Larry Talbot of TLT50-Wherewolf, Linda Fry~Lyrical Princess, Andy-Mantrasolo, Mark Ellis, Andy Foyston-AndyF, Laurel Varner, Robert Beall, Dean R. Jutze, James McCormick-Kiopo- CarJam, Jennifer Rafferty, Dawn Sinclair, Saphfire, Jolee, Hans Mulders-Drainage/D-Connection, Phil McCormick, Steve Kinghorn of Ditheramb, Darren Winters-Mekanika, Rich Nerney-2Rain/2Rains, Steve Lindsay-Larry Lane Band, Tony Miller, pop, Mike Round-Mykyndryd, Gary Tucker, John Costa, Mark Holley, Phil Kink-2 Charlie, Jody Dickey, Bob B. Wolf, Alive, Dan Michaelson, James Oakwood, Iris Brickfield, Ron Bowes, Ricky Moore, Bubba~ Bobby Moore, Yvonne J, Gary~Rocker Hart, Lorne Reid~8$ Rum, Daryl Holden~The Abyss, Lonnie Jeeves~The London Project, Don Carr, Josh Bennett, Mike Kohlgraf, Tony Cee, BigPete + The V.I.P.'s and more wonderful artists from across the world! Bless you all, I so love this journey! :)

Carol Sue Kirkpatrick

Farrell Jackson
04/13/20 10:03:12AM @farrell-jackson:
Congratulations for AOTM Carol Sue! Your support of Mixposure artists and their music is always there.


04/12/20 12:25:34PM @wricky:
Wride on.wride on....chairs🎸


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