Halloween 2020

user image 2020-09-20
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With the Pandemic still in full play, a great distraction would be our annual Halloween Song Submission! I think this is year 14 of doing this?

For the uninitiated, here is how it works. 

  • The song should be based around the Halloween Theme
  • Any Genre is Welcome - You can make it scary, comical or whatever you like!
  • On October First, we will add a specific Genre for everyone to use so we can track the songs
  • Vocals are not required but they obviously help sell the theme
  • Please post any questions you have!
  • Once your song is complete, use a song genre of Halloween 2020


Some previous submissions from prior years....

10/04/20 03:48:31PM @admin:
Just create a Song Genre of Halloween 2020 and we will find it.
The Gigglefits
10/04/20 03:30:49PM @the-gigglefits:
Were should we send our Halloween song too?
carol sue
09/27/20 11:17:35AM @carol-sue:
Wouldn't mind cooking up some witches brew! :)
09/20/20 02:52:25PM @jimsae:
This will be a lot of fun! I'm already cooking up some ideas.


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