BigPete and the V.I.P.'s - Let Me Go

Category: Music
Duration: 00:16:04
My original production, 16 minutes long song with many influences, rock, electro, pop, progressive, classical. Does anybody still do 16 minutes songs? Yes BigPete! Inspired by Michel Legrand (Les Parapluies…), Guns & Roses (November Rain), Supertramp (Fool’s Overture) Meat Loaf (I’D Do Anything For Love). It’s the classic story woman confronts her man who wants to leave her and the pain after he’s gone. 3 electric guitar solos, 1 acoustic guitar solo, 1 sax solo, 1 trumpet solo, 1 fugelhorn solo, 1 harmonica solo and one synth solo. A full orchestra wind and strings. 104 tracks, 178 individual loops and samples. 5 days work. But who listens to 16 minutes song these days, no one has the time


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