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Don't Cry (Today) ~ft. BigPete + The V.I.P.'s

album: Collaborations
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
streams: 81
creation date: 2019-04-29

  Song Lyrics
Don't Cry (Today) - Alt version "Don't cry.. I'll cry, too..." I know how you feel inside, the pain so deep, tears won't come to your eyes.but, It's okay if...
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Please enjoy our first collaboration together, and such an honor it is for me. To be in song with BigPete + The V.I.P.'s!  BigPete has created 2 wonderful...
Don't Cry (Today) ~ft. BigPete + The V.I.P.'s
carol sue
05/01/19 07:33:04AM @carol-sue:
You're all so entirely wonderful, thank you! ✌️😍

Thank you so much for this sweet song collaboration!
Shine on my friend!!

04/30/19 05:48:27PM @gary-hart:
Nicely done!! Great music and production...BUT Carol Sue!! Wow...Wonderful vocals on this!!

Farrell Jackson
04/30/19 10:09:59AM @farrell-jackson:
A nice one Carol Sue and Big Pete!
04/30/19 08:55:22AM @lorne-reid:
Lots of cool stuff going on in this one! Great job. Cheers big Pete and Carol Sue.
04/30/19 08:23:42AM @bigpete:
Thank You Carol Sue for your sharing your light with me on this track, this has been such a pleasure, and it is only the first. Blessed you.
Bobby G
04/30/19 07:57:02AM @bobby-g:
I've heard you do a lot of songs my friend & to me this one is at the top great job
carol sue
04/29/19 11:04:32PM @carol-sue:
Click link above to view the video that BigPete has made for our new song. Thank you!

10 years to the making.. and finally, BigPete and I have done a song together!
Didn't take anywhere near 10 years to do! :) Thank you so much, @BigPete !!
You're wonderful! :)


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