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Come On Helen

album: TBD
genre: Acoustic Country
streams: 100
creation date: 2020-05-17

  Song Lyrics
Come On Helen                   by Bill Thompson  Verse one Helen left me last Friday Night, Said she didn’t love me cause all we do is fight.  Packed up...
  Song Information
Music, lyrics and performance by Bill Thompson.  This was a song I first wrote over 50 years ago, but over time some of the original lyrics were lost and...
Come On Helen
carol sue
12/19/23 10:34:28AM @carol-sue:
Found your post on FB~ lead me here.
So nice to hear this song from you again!

carol sue
05/22/20 07:58:00PM @carol-sue:
Billy, this is such a dear song and performance!
Top of the story tellers you are. Another goodie!

05/20/20 09:12:01PM @moequinn:
Wow! you first wrote this fine ditty over 50 years ago ~ you were a young whipper snapper back then ~ as said...glad you resurrected it & Helen didn't pull the trigger ~ I always enjoy your story telling songs
05/20/20 11:47:45AM @bad-love-junkie:
I love this song :) Wow I was just reading how old this song is! Some things grow more beautiful with age. :)
Really enjoyed this and I like the stripped down version. It allows the lyrics and your voice to shine.

05/18/20 04:08:50PM @josephrodz:
Love the blend of your voice & the guitar'
sounds better like is, no drums or bass.
more simple the best HIT!

05/18/20 03:36:32PM @cooter:
Love your voice, TV. Mighty fine tune, too, dude.
Farrell Jackson
05/18/20 09:27:36AM @farrell-jackson:
An entertaining story Bill....I'm glad Helen didn't pull the trigger! Some song ideas just hang around and never let go......I'm glad you found this one's a good one.


05/18/20 05:59:19AM @ronbowes:
Great lyrics Bill. Fine song. Glad you resurrected it ;-)
05/18/20 12:57:30AM @lucasrabel:
very nice bill. love it!
05/17/20 06:20:34PM @lorne-reid:
glad ya dusted it off. Another great story for us. cheers!


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