Cheryl Nye
Cheryl Nye

I Surrender To My Heart

album: I Surrender To My Heart
genre: Soundtrack
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I Surrender To My Heart
06/05/19 10:10:00PM @cheryl-nye:
Thank you very much, beautiful @lornacruz! :) xoxo
06/05/19 10:01:56PM @lornacruz:
Very nice! I agree this should be in a Bond film.
02/07/18 03:21:52PM @cheryl-nye:
@tlt50 Thank you so much Wolf! You are so sweet and kind! It is such a compliment coming from such a magnificent artist as yourself! :) xoxoxo
02/07/18 02:44:18PM @tlt50:
What a beautiful intro..... fantastic. And it justs gets better and better when your vocals come in. The piano and orchestration are so awesome. Cheryl, you're the driving force in this amazing song. Stellar vocals and lyrics. ***** On my "Night Grooves" show tonight. Thanks for sharing this. :)


02/06/18 09:36:59AM @cheryl-nye:
Thank you so much @waveman! You're so kind! I appreciate your comments very much! :) xoxo
02/06/18 09:15:28AM @waveman:
I can hear this as a 007 soundtrack production for sure, wonderful voice, enjoyed it


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