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Doctor C

Dorian Toccata

genre: Instrumental Rock
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The great Dorian Tocatta by J.S. Bach. I whosh he had a Hammond organ...
Dorian Toccata
Gary Dabrowski
11/07/18 10:11:30PM @gary-dabrowski:
love it Doctor C!...I learned this one myself years ago and got the opportunity to play it on a real pipe organ a few times (wish I kept playing it, now I would have to re-learn it)...check out my recordings of 'Toccata in F Major (orchestrated)' and 'Bachish Jam' here on mixposure...I think you might like them...
SOB Story
05/12/10 07:55:08PM @martin-elliott:
You don't hear talent like this anymore...Back in the 70's I saw ELP in Seattle...this brings back that classic prog rock feel...great through and through....AWESOME


Rogers-Tennison Band
04/26/08 01:17:47PM @rogers-tennison-band:
Johann meet Keith Emerson. Mr Emerson meet Mr. Bach.
Farrell Jackson
03/25/08 07:29:01PM @farrell-jackson:
Alright DrC! The title drew me in and since I'm not famliar with many classical pieces I didn't know what to expect but this was a surprise to hear it rockin with the hammond. Nice playing and the heavy hammond growl gives a good rock texture to the song. Well done!


12/06/07 12:02:12AM @tlt50:
The Dorian........and how you DO that scale, totally dang' show-off... You know .....if I could do it I would. Brother, you're sweet music to my ears and soul. many tracks....the distorted Hammond is awesome.....with ??? Are you doing a NI B-4 with MIDI ....common a bit of wisdom please . Damn' you're good ! :-))

Thanks, Doctor C ,
Larry T....

Luca Wulf
12/05/07 03:42:52PM @huge-artist:
Doc :)
Good to see you...
With a title like that,there was no way I could resist.
Well it pretty much makes me think you were classicaly trained at some point?
Superb musicanship.
Taking a piece like this and going with it,in such a jubilant,triumphant way,no mean feat indeed.
Or to put it in a more succinct way...
Doc,you never cease to amaze me with your musicanship.
A most enjoyable listen.


12/06/07 11:49:11AM @tcp:
Very tasty Doc....very. Excellent on the finger joints. The tonal varieties and modality are wonderful choices for this piece. A most excellent rock romp, superbly timed and with the classical flair. Just hit the fav button. A superb music specimen as good as one might expect from you. Bravo! ~Blake
Randal Pflum
11/30/07 08:31:09PM @randal-pflum:
Very Purple!!! I like the combination of classical and rock. Great playing just waiting for Blackmore to kick in.
Rogers-Tennison Band
07/26/09 02:12:34PM @rogers-tennison-band:
I revisted this tune. This thing is insanely good. Look up "talent" at Wikipedia and it gives you a sound file of this tune.


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