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David C Deal
David C Deal

Who Stole Your Song (David c Deal)

album: Unpublished
genre: Acoustic
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  Song Lyrics
What Went Wrong? David c Deal 2013 Verse 1: I remember you when just a child Singing through the day. Playing in your summer dress Always something to say....
  Song Information
This song emerged out of "music therapy" sessions I did with a very brave young girl. David c Deal: Acoustic guitar, vocals, lyrics, production
Who Stole Your Song (David c Deal)
02/23/14 06:01:31PM @ron-kauffman:
Ah David, you always amaze me. Beautiful all around!
02/17/14 05:39:05PM @bustert:
a lot of emotions- very sad and nice...

11/19/13 10:30:14PM @cooter:
Wow. This is outstanding, Dave. Lots of heart in this. Great lyric, and very fine acoustic work, good sir. An emotionally touching song, beautifully done.


Farrell Jackson
10/29/13 11:55:17AM @farrell-jackson:
The sang line "who stole your song" will haunt me through out my day as thought provoking lyric/melody often do. A very sad but meaningful song. Excellent acoustic picking and vocal DCD!
10/29/13 09:09:19AM @david-c-deal:
I couldn't find a way to thank some of you directly for your kind comments so, "Thank you all very much".
10/29/13 07:39:41AM @the-truevulgarians:
Very well done David. In truth, I think most people, unfortunately, lose the "songs" of childhood when confronted with the realities of life from which we're insulated as kids. Extremely thoughtful lyrics. Loved the guitar playing as well. Wasn't aware of your "acoustic" roots...
John R. Kennedy
10/29/13 12:24:04AM @john-r-kennedy:
Very lovely dedication song David. I'm guessing a daughter or grand daughter. One this for sure it sounds like it is coming from the heart. Nice guitar playing and a nice sound on the vocals.

Peace and Blessings, John

Lyrical Princess
10/29/13 12:05:18AM @lyrical-princess:
Very sad song David. Sung straight from the heart & touching others.. Brought tears to my eyes. You did a wonderful job. 5*****
10/28/13 10:09:16PM @gene-smith:
"When a child's sparkling eyes blur to grey" I am VERY rarely left speechless my friend but this song did it. Just WOW!
10/28/13 09:38:33PM @tlt50:
~Superbly.....performed ~ *Keybro*
Fender Bender
10/28/13 08:44:48PM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
Have to say again, well done, Doc! Have listened to this tune numerous times today and will continue to do so.
Doctor C
10/28/13 08:35:45PM @doctor-c:
This is a wonderful song! So heartfelt and warm and a little sad. You sing it amazingly good. 5 stars from me!
10/28/13 08:28:05PM @david-c-deal:
This song is dedicated to that brave little girl who inspired the lyrics.


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