Harry V singer songwriter
Harry V singer songwriter
Harry V singer songwriter

Phantom Lung

album: single
genre: Singer Songwriter
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“PHANTOM LUNG” one breath away from death we live one tone from being sung one step ahead of falling down and pant for air in phantom lung and pant for...
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Wrote this 2 years ago in hospital after surgery. Asked my doctor: how is this possible? My right lung is missing but I still feel air going to the right? He...
Phantom Lung
09/10/18 09:15:12AM @harry-v-singer-songwriter:
@carol-sue and @farrell-jackson Emotional indeed! It was a spontaneous discharge of bottled up energy made possible by using a nifty microphone, the Mikme USB mic with flash drive memory, a neat little gadget that allows me to take quick notes in 1 click of a button. It's the size of half a package of cigarettes and has very good sound. Developed by a german engineer whose brother had cancer, the 2 of them came up with this idea to enable people to work and at least take notes in a hospital or clinic environment. I used it mainly to do voice exercise and slowly get back to singing again. The first song I did with this gadget was SingSong, it's audible since then I have gained in power considerably.
I intend to buy a smaller version of the same mic, (RAM would be only half of the original which makes it a lot cheaper but the sound is the same.) The beauty is that it's completely silent, no fans running or anything, and if mono one take recordings can sound so nice I would like to hear a stereo version. Imagine, no unwanted hiss or hum, just music and ambience - also giving the possibility to work real close so ambience becomes almost unheard. You can feel it in the mix: a considerable improvement for my simple home set up: if I want to add some brightness now it's all it does: no hiss nor hum, just more brightness - if wanted. The rough sound on this song has not been edited, just turned down the volume a bit, it was recorded too loudly but a first time singing a song has this energy you felt and enjoyed, more powerful than a perfect mix.
So far this one I have now has brought me back to composing and even singing again better than I thought I ever would again.
Praise Mikme crew for getting me in beta program so they could help me too to get the most out of it. I'm quite sure future recordings will sound even better.
Thanks for listening!

carol sue
09/10/18 03:37:28AM @carol-sue:
I have to agree with Farrell.
Much enjoyed hearing this song, Harry.
Sung and played with passion.. you shine!

Farrell Jackson
09/09/18 01:56:01PM @farrell-jackson:
I hear a very emotional song Harry and rightfully so. So many truths in your lyric. Your guitar playing and vocal sound as strong as ever...well done and keep on making wonderful, inspirational music like this.



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