Paul rainbird
Paul rainbird

Make It So

album: Unknown
genre: Rock
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Make It So
Paul rainbird
10/28/20 12:36:18PM @paul-rainbird:
Thanks for playing it Jim much appreciated 🙏
10/28/20 12:28:18PM @jimsae:
I played this on our show (with Cooter) show Monday night, and everybody in the chat room loved it, as do I! Great stuff, Paul!
Paul rainbird
10/28/20 03:26:56AM @paul-rainbird:
Wow! Thank you Farrell and Carol Sue
for your kind comments 😊

carol sue
10/27/20 06:41:31PM @carol-sue:
Easy to echo Farrell's comments. :)
Fantastic listen, thanks! *****

Farrell Jackson
10/27/20 12:54:56PM @farrell-jackson:
Some very tasty guitar playing Paul and you make it sound so effortlessly. Which I know isn't the case because it takes years of dedication and practice to play this well.


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