Paul rainbird
Paul rainbird

Locked Up

album: Unknown
genre: Rock
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Locked Up
Paul rainbird
09/15/21 12:51:28PM @paul-rainbird:
Thanks for the listen Twank and firecircle
09/14/21 05:34:50PM @firecircle:
Great sounds man-like the approach familiar yet unique
Twank Whelan
09/11/21 02:28:08PM @twank-whelan:
So many great guitar-slingers on this site, you're certainly one of 'em Paul. Excellent lyric, very cool tune here
Paul rainbird
09/11/21 04:19:27AM @paul-rainbird:
Thank you Gary and Farrell 😎
Farrell Jackson
09/10/21 06:48:55PM @farrell-jackson:
The double lead kicks this off with a cool bang Paul. Some fine guitar work here. The harmonized vocals give this a lot of appeal to my ears...nice!
Gary Dabrowski
09/10/21 03:09:19PM @gary-dabrowski:
that's heavy...good job Paul!
Paul rainbird
09/10/21 12:20:34PM @paul-rainbird:
Thanks Ron much appreciated 😎
09/10/21 11:00:25AM @ronbowes:
Nice and sleazy blues track. Great guitars as usual. ;-)


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