Paul rainbird
Paul rainbird

Please Excuse Me

album: Unknown
genre: Rock
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Please Excuse Me
Paul rainbird
12/07/21 04:40:23PM @paul-rainbird:
Thanks Gary 😎
Gary Dabrowski
12/06/21 12:36:43AM @gary-dabrowski:
nice 'bluesrocker' Paul...sounds good!
Paul rainbird
12/03/21 05:05:22PM @paul-rainbird:
Thanks Guys much appreciated 🙏
12/02/21 01:10:30PM @lodato:
Farrell Jackson
12/02/21 12:51:28PM @farrell-jackson:
A cool hard rocker Paul! I like the hook with the chorus. Then enters the hot slide guitar to change it up with a bit of Southern rock style. Nice work!


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