Mi parejo

album: Famoust Last Recordings
genre: Jazz
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lube lube lui lubelubeluaaah
Mi parejo
Incarnate Word
09/19/09 02:55:31AM @incarnate-word:
reminds me of old black sabbath, yes I know what you are thinking but its not the music I hear its the vibe I feel, really killer whitty and definatley a must listen, Great creative approach , great Job
Blue Period Blues
05/22/09 07:17:56AM @ramperampe:
Thank you Jim , Gary and Baracasa for your kind words...
05/21/09 05:32:13PM @gary-reed:
Really enjoyed this very engaging "outside the box" jazz tune. Thanks.
05/21/09 02:28:09PM @baracasa:
now this is so hot!, wow i really love this!
05/24/09 03:58:29PM @tlt50:
BPB....Eric.... Damn' this is sweeeeeet . Great jazzy intro,,,love those keys ! Awesome change, where you did your thing, with superb results... This is so creative ....absolutly ...fantastic production.!!AWESOME !!

05/26/09 07:33:57AM @mel:
Eric, you amaze me with your ability to cover all genre in such a classy and energetic way. Love the jazzy mix to this with all it's different sounds. Vocals are just wonderful Eric. Mi parejo is a great listen. Wishing you well as always, Melsi
07/29/09 03:35:38AM @anaji:
the jazzy intro was great, but the change came and then the rest which I liked even more. I honestly liked it. Super creative and the speed keeps you entertained.

Loved it. =]



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