The Zipper

album: Famoust Last Recordings
genre: Psychedelic
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Weird lyrics and a fast beat...
The Zipper
10/23/09 07:07:22PM @david-c-deal:
Well this is unique! lol

The lyrics are unsettling to say the least which of course makes them intense and entertaining! I very much enjoy your vocal style, very expressive.
David c Deal

Luca Wulf
10/05/09 11:55:01AM @huge-artist:
Well this is a bag of energy isn't it...
When you do those twin vocals,spot on.
Drums are really the engine of this piece.
It's slow burn in a strange kind of way,once it gets rolling...
There were shades of Calvert about how you do your vocals.
Would be a great track live.
I was enjoying that!!
Damn cool track mate,breath of fresh air.


09/29/09 04:09:54PM @tcp:
I hear shades of Kevin Gilbert in here, and that can only be a good thing. Allot of creativity in the arrangement and writing. Certainly great performances and production too. A real joy to listen to this artful and rhythmically propelled piece that begs to be replayed. ..Blake
05/22/09 01:32:58PM @vesa:
I'm pulled in by that cosmic sound...good vocals; really has a cool edge & good range. Fine harmonies I'm digging the perpetual percussives...makes a big part of the neat groove that just has a spacey motion. This is quite unique, fine clever sounds really add some textural and createsa a bit of a surreal mood. Would be good for a sound track...fast cars I envision. I think I missed something first listen around, so this is certainly worth more listens...new sounds just appear each time I listen. SUPERB! An original tune.
Very fune to listen to.
-Like it! -Your friend. -Vesa.

04/26/09 08:06:03PM @tlt50:
Man.... awesome intro....love the groove of this. Killar' drum track...creative work...unigue...with amazing production !! Eric .... the vox...yea man... the vox and instrumentation are dynamite....Great work...
OUTSTANDING !!!!! *****
Larry T

Lyrical Princess
05/01/09 03:09:48AM @lyrical-princess:
The Instrumental Is Awesome.. Really Like The Different Sounds... This Is One Very Trippy Song..
You Are So Creative With Your Lyrics... Never Know What You'll Be Coming Up With Next.. It's Always Such A Suprise... Couldn't Say How Many Times I Have Listened To This.. Wish I Could Sing Along.. LOL
All The Best, Linda

Incarnate Word
09/19/09 02:38:29AM @incarnate-word:
really did the weirdness of the vibe, but I am a little weird myself so I really felt at home in this one./ Great creative direction not to be miss understood. Kiler progression and tells a chilling story. Great Job


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