Angel ( Where We Can Be )

album: Famoust Last Recordings
genre: Ballad
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Angel  ( Where We Can Be )
12/22/10 11:29:38PM @eirik-finbak:
This is a special song in many ways.
Its carries strong words that is written with a creative mind, and makes you listen carefully at the lyrics.
The music is interesting and your vocal is unique and special, and yes i can also hear some John Lennon in this tune..

Good job RampeRampe, i will soon listen to more of your work!

03/02/10 11:21:50AM @mel:
Erico!! Such beautiful and kind words from you my friend and to put them to the forward for this stunning song is a complete honour. This song gave me goosebumps, and I do believe you had John Lennon at your fingertips as you worked on this. The lyrics are gentle and loving Eric, from the heart. I have to keep stopping writing as I take them all in. Your vocals are full of emotion and this song is proof of how a musician can write and sing by reaching deep down into their own soul. The books picked you my friend as they always do, they will treasure you, as you treasure them. With love and hugs as always your friend Melsi, (keep a watch for those white feathers)! x
02/28/10 05:49:18PM @dazed:
Nice! Vocals kind of remind me of John Lennon. This tune came out very well. Great clean mix and excellent writing.
02/28/10 03:07:53PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Now is this how Todd Rundgren would have sounded if he had come from some benighted corner of a southern United State? Sugar on strawberries with a dash of lemon . ftlpope
Lyrical Princess
03/02/10 06:12:16PM @lyrical-princess:
Was pulled in by the title. Happy I stopped to listen. Very peaceful flow to this. Love the instrumental.. Vocals are nice and clear too. Melsi's wonderful books found their way into my home as well.. I read them for a pick me up when I'm feeling down.. Yes, I read them a lot.. Awesome song ~

All The Best,


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