Steve Bramer
Steve Bramer
Steve Bramer

Sleeping While the River Runs

album: Sleeping While The River Runs - Mother Blues With Gerald McClendon
genre: Blues - Rock -Soul
streams: 95

  Song Lyrics
Sleeping While the River Runs (S. Bramer) Find the edge of the shore line Under the haze of the Memphis sun Feel the drift of the water Sleeping While the...
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Written By Steve Bramer Artist: Mother Blues With Gerald McClendon Lead Vocal: Gerald McClendon Guitar, Percussion: Steve Bramer Bass: Gordon Patriarca...
Sleeping While the River Runs
04/10/17 12:08:52AM @steve-bramer:
Thanks Tricia. I appreciate it. And it's cool that you'll be doing the DJ thing!
03/09/17 10:40:33PM @steve-bramer:
Thank you Gary. And thanks for listening.
Gary Shukoski
03/09/17 05:10:26PM @gary-shukoski:
I'll take Larry's side with those backup singers. Their harmonies are like a giant syringe full of soul, injecting this track with such a rich sound! Love the bass groove too!
03/09/17 09:13:10AM @steve-bramer:
Thanks Larry. Appreciate the kind words.
03/08/17 10:43:33PM @tlt50:
Love this groove and vibe. This vocalist handles this awesomely. Back-up singers ...pure class. Incredible...musical talents...performance and production fabulous ***** Bravo

Larry T

02/10/17 05:44:23PM @steve-bramer:
Thanks all. Doug, thanks for the play. I didn't see this until after the show. I'm learning I need to pay attention to what's happening on this site regularly.
02/07/17 10:52:02PM @moequinn:
loving your music ~ think @BarefootMusic made we aware of you & your great feel good music & this, of course, is one of them
Doug Dickens
02/07/17 05:42:18PM @doug-dickens:
What a great tune .... Welcome to Mixposure. This song will be on tonight's radio

02/07/17 08:23:17AM @ronbowes:
Great guitarin', great vox, great blues track. Impressive!


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