What You Gonna Do

album: Home Recordings
genre: Soft Rock/Contemporary
streams: 59
creation date: 2017-04-15

  Song Lyrics
What You Gonna Do? 1) When you’re down and feelin' nothin' ...better give into somethin' ...I don’t know what to tell you to do ...just try believin' in...
  Song Information
This was one of my first recordings done at my house... it's basically 2 acoustic guitars with an acoustic solo and my vocal.
What You Gonna Do
10/27/19 08:22:37AM @freudian-slip:
Gotta be confident to put out a nice stripped back piece like this, but you got it spot on. Vocal is right out there and is up to the test. Nice song well sold. Good stuff indeed.
04/16/17 05:07:45AM @steve-bramer:
That's how it's done!
Douglas Steven Luna
04/16/17 04:25:28AM @douglasluna:
Haha I'm not sure if this is how it's done here... but thanks for the kind reviews @steve-bramer, @farrell-jackson, and @lodato
04/15/17 07:05:55PM @lodato:
I love the simple arrangement and the straight to the point emotional reach. Quite melodic.
Farrell Jackson
04/15/17 03:59:15PM @farrell-jackson:
A lot of emotion in your vocal. It's the kind of performance that draws the listener into the song. Sometimes a couple of guitars and a vocal is all it takes... and you nailed it!
04/15/17 05:25:12AM @steve-bramer:
I feel this tune. Very nice.


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