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Been Through That

album: Elsewhere Live!
genre: Acoustic
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Been Through That
Barefoot Music
10/29/13 05:27:52PM @barefoot-music-group:
wow!! Outstanding! Makes me think of my daddy. Thank you!
06/16/13 09:14:57PM @digger-stone:
you really have a nack for the acoustic sound... Your voice fits this perfectly. I get a touch of James Taylor but not enough to take away from who you are as an artist. Whats the old saying? Similarity is the greatest form of complement... Would love to hear your sister do a harmoney on this somewhere down the road, but still another really great write from you. Very impressed! On to the next song for me on your page, i'm sure It won't be disappointing.

Another wonderful song from you...


Farrell Jackson
05/12/13 12:05:12PM @farrell-jackson:
Great folk song and the lyric really ring close to home Bill. I'm sure many will relate to these words and this song. Nice one!


Short Mama
05/13/13 05:38:57PM @short-mama:
Great song! I have been through that! Thanks for the great thoughtful lyrics and keep them comin!

Short Mama

05/18/13 08:37:59PM @saturated:
All you need to showcase a great tune is an acoustic guitar and vocal.. and this is a great tune. Meaningful lyrics that will hit home with people and beautiful playing. Perfectly sung. Nuff said! Thanks for posting it!
05/15/13 07:55:21PM @ron-kauffman:
Great lyric. I love guitar vocal tunes, I get to enjoy the lyric in a special way.
Peace, Ron


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