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Songwriter's Lament

album: Elsewhere Live!
genre: Acoustic
streams: 75

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Written, arranged, produced and performer by Bill Thompson. Song is kind of a tribute to anyone who's ever tried to write a song. It's based on my...
Songwriter's Lament
Brett Service
10/20/13 11:13:44PM @brett-service:
Great song Bill. Excellent lyrics that are sung well!
09/29/13 07:34:12PM @david-c-deal:
A song for all of us Bill. These words are way to close for comfort. Still, what else are we to do but write another song about?
Farrell Jackson
09/29/13 04:51:25PM @farrell-jackson:
I'm lamenting Bill.....good words and good song! I really like the change from major to minor at the chorus.



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