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The TrueVulgarians
The TrueVulgarians

Stone-Cold Zombie Man

album: Contest Entry
genre: Halloween 2013
streams: 100

  Song Information
A bluesy tune written from the perspective of a zombie created for the, Mixstream Radio, Halloween 2013 song contest. Jacki Grapentine on...
Stone-Cold Zombie Man
Lyrical Princess
11/05/13 11:35:03PM @lyrical-princess:
Great lyrics!! Stuck somewhere between life & death (I think I've been there a time or two before) lol ~ Bill, you & Jacki did a Fantastic job on this song. Really enjoyed it. Love the picture too.. You're a Winner in my book :)
Farrell Jackson
10/08/13 11:04:08AM @farrell-jackson:
A good one for the Halloween 2013 submission Bill and sister! The words are creative and right in with the theme. I like the Stone-Cold Zombie Man title. Nice one!



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