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As Good As It Gets

album: Elsewhere Live!
genre: Acoustic
streams: 87

  Song Lyrics
As Good As It Gets by William W. Thompson, IV verse 1 Watchin’ the fog roll in off the lake, Me and my girl gettin’ half-baked. Wonderin’ what the...
  Song Information
A love song... written, arranged, performed and produced by Bill Thompson
As Good As It Gets
Brett Service
10/15/13 10:10:58PM @brett-service:
Really like the descriptive lyrics. Great harmonies. Nice airy mix too. Enjoyed the listen. peace, Brett
10/09/13 03:46:09PM @david-c-deal:
Always love your songwriting Bill. Another fine one.
Lyrical Princess
10/08/13 06:29:56PM @lyrical-princess:
What an Outstanding job you did on this,Bill. I love your vocals, and the melody is very catchy. This was Beautifully written. Love the lyrics. I would really like hearing more of this style from you. This song speaks for itself.. This is as Good as it gets!!... Love the tune!! 5***** :)

Linda (LP)

Farrell Jackson
10/08/13 11:10:05AM @farrell-jackson:
The capo works well at giving the guitar a cool sparkle. The doubled chorus vocals really brings that passage forward without over powering the rest of the song. This is some very good writing and you sing this one perfectly Bill....and this song is As Good As It Gets!


10/08/13 08:22:52AM @quantum-mechanix:
What a cool tune, TV. Love your voice, dude.



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