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A Reason to Walk in the Rain

album: A Reason to Walk in the Rain
genre: Acoustic
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A Reason to Walk in the Rain (3) by William W. Thompson, IV Verse 1 No, I can’t figure out what you’re talkin’ about. Those are some hollow words...
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Title track from a new album by The TrueVulgarians, "A Reason to Walk in the Rain". Written, arranged and produced by Bill Thompson who also sang lead...
A Reason to Walk in the Rain
Lyrical Princess
12/04/14 01:41:11AM @lyrical-princess:
I am really enjoying this song. I'm not sure how many times it's played through now. I'm sure happy you posted these Beautifully written lyrics. Bill, I love listening to your creative truths. You & Jacki did it again. Wonderful song!!
Farrell Jackson
01/11/14 01:42:49PM @farrell-jackson:
Good song and vocals Bill and Jacki! As always your words are very insightful. I like the ohhhhhh's section.


11/27/13 11:25:49AM @ron-kauffman:
Ah know I'm a fan. As always the song is simply done and dug right into my heart. You write so well there's no need to go crazy with elaborate productions. Sweet!! Peace, Ron
Brett Service
11/17/13 09:27:18PM @brett-service:
Diggin' this tune Bill and Jacki. Your voices really blend well. Like the song arrangement. 5 stars from me!
11/12/13 07:15:14AM @the-truevulgarians:
Good idea, DcD, I've posted them. Thanks for the positive feedback!
11/11/13 11:02:39PM @david-c-deal:
Another fine story telling song Bill and Jacki. I do wish you'd post the lyrics.


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