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The Color Man Blues ft. David C Deal, Gene Smith and FenderBender

album: Collaboration
genre: Mix2014BluesMusicAward
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  Song Information
The Color Man Blues          words and music by Bill Thompson who sang lead vocal and played acoustic guitar.  Backing vocals by Jacki Grapentine (The...
The Color Man Blues ft. David C Deal, Gene Smith and FenderBender
Gary Shukoski
07/19/16 04:10:09AM @gary-shukoski:
Cool collab! The piano and acoustic guitar makes this feel like I'm hearing this in a little saloon. Then the female backing singers and the organ give it a turn towards soul. Finally, the lyrics are a cool twist on what a "color" man is.
12/19/14 12:02:37PM @david-c-deal:
I don't know if you received my e mail. Our Siberian Solstice concerts are canceled (pianist brook her wrist and arm). NO concerts this weekend or till next year.

11/17/14 11:33:55AM @scotswolfe:
Kudos to all involved in this collab. Great blues song in itself,add the bass,guitar(well done DR...we need to hear more),keyboards,Bill and Jacki's voices and it comes out a real listening pleasure.
09/24/14 10:25:03PM @gene-smith:
Thanks guys
09/24/14 01:57:11PM @david-c-deal:
Thank you very much Farrell. I really enjoyed your poetic comments.
Fender Bender
09/24/14 11:41:29AM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
Farrell: maybe I should change my account name to "Bridge Bender"? Thanks for the kind review.
Farrell Jackson
09/24/14 10:10:59AM @farrell-jackson:
What a cool collaboration line up! Fine words, strummin' and vocals TV and Jacki. DCD keys flows on the song's water like an easy afternoon on Huck Finn's raft. Dave's bass keeps things moving like a bridge across the Mississippi. Gene's finely phased guitar work swaggers on the breeze like lichen in the trees (we need to hear more of DR and his guitar in future collabs!) A very colorful and enjoyable listen fellas and gal!


09/24/14 09:03:57AM @david-c-deal:
What made this collab even more fun than usual was being part of the debut of Gene Smith as a "recording artist" on Mixposure. Congratulations Gene.
09/23/14 10:26:06PM @the-truevulgarians:
Thanks to David C. Deal, Mr. Coonrod, Gene Smith aka DaddyRabbit and my sister Jacki. Fun working with such talented and patient artists.


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