The TrueVulgarians
The TrueVulgarians
The TrueVulgarians

The Monster

album: A Reason to Walk in the Rain
genre: Halloween 2014
streams: 101

  Song Lyrics
The Monster  by Bill Thompsonverse oneShe was that kind of monster with a smiling face,a schemer and conniver, my trust misplaced.She acted all along like...
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The Monster                               by The TrueVulgariansMusic and lyrics by Bill ThompsonLead vocal by Jacki Grapentineback-up vocal, acoustic quitar,...
The Monster
Gary Shukoski
07/19/16 03:57:01AM @gary-shukoski:
Can't really relate directly with this one but I've seen close friends get involved with the monster you speak of...
Dylan Thermos
10/19/14 12:19:45PM @dylan-thermos:
Great work.........dylan
Lyrical Princess
10/13/14 12:51:47AM @lyrical-princess:
I love, love, love these lyrics!! And Jacki delivers them perfectly. Just looking at her picture (the monsters), I can tell she's not on the level. Who could trust a face like that ? LOL ~ Excellent job on the music, and back up vocals too Bill.. I'm not sure, but I think Mixposure just let me give you 5 1/2 *'s :) You deserve all of that and so much more! I've listened 4 times already..Thank you for the D/L ~ What an Awesome Treat ~ . BIG SMILES :)

Happy Halloween,
Linda / LP

10/12/14 07:57:05PM @david-c-deal:
Nice work Bill and Jacki. Love your music.


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