The TrueVulgarians
The TrueVulgarians
The TrueVulgarians

Nerd Girls

album: A Reason to Walk in the Rain
genre: Acoustic
streams: 127

  Song Information
Nerd Girls by The TrueVulgarians Music and lyrics by Bill Thompson who played acoustic guitar and sang lead vocal. Jacki Grapentine on back-up vocals.
Nerd Girls
Gary Shukoski
07/19/16 03:23:13AM @gary-shukoski:
Dude!!! Nerd girls are the shit! You speak the truth on so many levels on this one lol! Definitely my new TV fave!
07/10/15 08:03:19AM @hooker-green:
really outstanding. Your voices sound so harmonious. my compliments to You

07/09/15 10:23:43PM @cooter:
I enjoy your music to no end, Bill. Could listen to you sing all day. Cool harmony in here. Love the lyric, too.
04/04/15 07:50:31PM @kitmann:
Awesome storyline and Great Great song. Bill you and Jacki sound Fantastic....
Farrell Jackson
04/02/15 01:57:34PM @farrell-jackson:
Good songwriting and singing Bill and Jacki! I bet your favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory, lol!
Lyrical Princess
04/02/15 01:04:33PM @lyrical-princess:
When I saw the title "Nerd Girls", I was almost certain that I was in for some smiles & I was right :) You are a very clever songwriter, always painting a clear picture tune. Another Outstanding performance from the Truevulgarians.I've really enjoyed my listen... WTG!!!
03/31/15 06:44:42PM @moquinn:
Bill Awesome song - oh how it brings back memories ~ a feel good song that is bound to give you a smile I love it & I'm still smiling :D
03/31/15 10:41:40AM @david-c-deal:
Folk songwriting at it's finest Bill. Wonderful story pictures.
03/30/15 10:12:18PM @petetebar:
Always good to hear your music Bill, fantastic sonwriting with great stories.
03/30/15 09:14:04PM @tlt50:
Another 5 star track >>> Outstanding SONGWRITING AND MUSICIANSHIP... (*****)


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