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Unholy Man ft. Joseph Rodriguez

album: The Platinum Basement Sessions
genre: Rock
streams: 121
creation date: 2015-12-10

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    Unholy Man        Lyrics by William Thompson Intro  Verse one Was a handsome, young man when I heard the calling from above. Felt bound to preach the...
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Unholy Man Words by Bill Thompson, music by Thompson and Joseph Rodriguez All instumental work by the incomparable Metal Master himself, Joseph Rodriguez who...
Unholy Man ft. Joseph Rodriguez
carol sue
09/25/17 12:30:03PM @carol-sue:
Great music team right here!!
~Bravo, Tv + Joseph!~

Gary Shukoski
07/19/16 03:08:25AM @gary-shukoski:
Both you and Joseph sound awesome on this collab! I love the swing beat that really keeps the song moving. The bluesy cadence of your vocals here really compliment Dr. Joe's flawless guitar playing in a kind of Skynyrd meets Eagles format!
12/11/15 02:43:18PM @gene-smith:
Nicely done fellas'!
12/11/15 02:40:18PM @the-truevulgarians:
Will do Farrell. As for thanks Joseph, I'm the one thanking you! My momma didn't raise no fool so when it comes to having the good sense to let you cut loose on one of my tunes, it's a no brainer! For background, this tune, as is the case for all of mine, started as a stripped down acoustic guitar blues tune. When J-Rod agreed to help me with it, I let him know he was free to do with it musically, whatever he felt best and this is that end result. Seems like the natural flip-side to "Class of '74" and am real happy with how it turned out. Thanks for all the support on this one gang!
Farrell Jackson
12/11/15 02:02:07PM @farrell-jackson:
An excellent collaboration on bringing this song to life Bill and Joseph! You need to post the lyric Bill so we can follow along. Cool production here!



12/11/15 01:01:22PM @josephrodz:
Thanks for trust in me for this great rocking tune.
12/10/15 07:44:47PM @david-c-deal:
You guys are sounding great! (as usual)


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