The TrueVulgarians
The TrueVulgarians
The TrueVulgarians

When Wills Collide

album: The Platinum Basement Sessions
genre: Acoustic
streams: 115
creation date: 2016-07-26

  Song Lyrics
When Wills Collide              by William W. Thompson, IV  Verse one From his earliest childhood memories, Dad was a demon, not a man. He only cared for...
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When Wills Collide             by The TrueVulgarians Music and lyrics by Bill Thompson Acoustic guitar and lead vocal by Bill Thompson Back-up vocal by...
When Wills Collide
03/15/18 11:19:20AM @meli-d:
Well done TV! You have a wonderful talent for carry through a story...
Farrell Jackson
07/27/16 11:03:57AM @farrell-jackson:
Great song and great lyric story TV!



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