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I'm a Clone ft. Joseph Rodriguez

album: The Platinum Basement Sessions
genre: Rock
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  Song Lyrics
I’m A Clone          by Bill Thompson Verse one I’m a clone and I’m alone, Replicated in the town of Bayonne. I’m a clone and I’m alone, Started out as a...
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A new release by The TrueVulgarians, "I'm a Clone" featuring Joseph Rodriguez music and lyrics by Bill Thompson who sang lead and harmony vocal with Jacki...
I'm a Clone ft. Joseph Rodriguez
06/19/20 10:56:05AM @zest-radio-show:
This is a very interesting perspective from the potential of there being human clones one day. I find the humour outstanding. The truth is, I never thought of what it would mean to have myself cloned...a scary prospect, that's for sure! Keep up the great music! I like the melody and the vocals. A story telling vibe that shouldn't be replicated by a clone :)
Stig Jones
05/22/18 01:54:51PM @stig-jones:
This is a great song! :)
Bamil Music
01/22/17 08:44:58AM @bamil:
Excellent track, everything sounds great 🎶🎸🎤🎧👍
Farrell Jackson
12/26/16 10:49:02AM @farrell-jackson:

I stopped by to see what was happening at your site TV and you are getting quite a collection of songs! I had better get to writing some new songs before you overtake me, lol! 

I reviewed this one already but it deserves another go. The music to this one reminds me (has a similar vibe) of Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders "Back On The Chain Gang"....a compliment since I like that group a lot. Cool words and vocal work! Joseph did an excellent job with the music and production...good stuff!


12/17/16 10:54:54AM @david-c-deal:

Damn interesting lyrics Bill. They are certainly humorous with that "Mark Twain" kind of humor that sneaks in between your ribs. Your tendency to clone Bob Dylan's style at times is fun as well. Joseph does his usual amazing job at creating music on demand.

12/17/16 09:38:06AM @the-truevulgarians:

Thanks Farrell...  clones can get fat eatin' too many scones! lol  

Even I was amazed at the number of rhymes there are with clones!  Just a silly ditty that, as I said in the description, is more a poem set to music than a true song... When I first wrote it, I thought of some beatnik reading it in a coffee shop back in the early 60's and then J-Rod got a hold of it. Definitely fun and, yes, Joseph helped it out big time with his music and production.

Farrell Jackson
12/17/16 09:18:17AM @farrell-jackson:

A unique and interesting concept with the lyric Bill. I don't think I've ever heard lyric about being a clone. You certainly found all the rhymes to go with the word clone. Great vocals from you and Jacki! Joseph did an excellent job on the backing track as well.  I like the surf music beat. My only advice about about being a clone is do your best to fit in with the other scones, lol.  I couldn't help myself.....a very entertaining song !!!!!



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