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Loving Me

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genre: Acoustic
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Loving Me                     by William Thompson   Intro G     D      A         G     A    D        G   D    Verse one D...
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A song about a subject I was discussing with a friend who may or may not be the subject of the song, though he doesn't think so, lol.  The lyrics spell it...
Loving Me
03/08/21 11:20:10PM @the-truevulgarians:
Want to thank everyone for the nice comments... I guess I should say the song does not reflect the personal opinion of the author, but is merely a description of some of those nasty narcissists out there, one or more of whom we've all encountered. Not surprisingly, the person who inspired this track doesn't think he's one which I guess is just more evidence that he, in fact, is one! lol Again, thanks!
carol sue
03/08/21 09:00:42AM @carol-sue:
Beautifully written and performed.
Bill, you have that music magic down-pat!
Bravo~ much enjoyed. *****

Gary Dabrowski
03/07/21 11:24:06AM @gary-dabrowski:
interesting song Bill...but from hearing your other songs, I suspect you have much more compassion for others than this song is implying...hmmm
03/07/21 11:09:08AM @ronbowes:
Great wordsmithing once again Bill. Cool track ;-)
03/06/21 07:20:43PM @jimmydeanbrooks:
Beautiful Song Song Bill! Bravo!
03/06/21 11:23:58AM @david-c-deal:
Really nice Bill. Your lyrics are always so honest and piercing.
03/05/21 11:41:56PM @jimsae:
Nice you threw the chords in there, Bill. A fine track, honest and unapologetic.
Queen Regina
03/05/21 07:00:48PM @queen-regina:
TV i truly love your voice. I appreciate your vulnerability and truculancy. Best music ever. You make us feel your pain. That's a songs greatest reward. Touching it's listeners. You do that easily. Love you. We do. Very touching lyrics.


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