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The TrueVulgarians
user image 2013-07-18
By: truevulgarian
Posted in: First TrueVulgarian collab with Joseph Rodriguez

<p>Check out The TrueVulgarian's new release "Can't Stand Pat" in collaboration with and featuring the incomparable Joseph Rodriguez on lead guitar and keyboard.&nbsp; Joseph did a terrific job, as expected, and we all hope you enjoy it.&nbsp;</p>

Lyrical Princess
07/19/13 06:10:25AM @lyrical-princess:
Awesome Collaboration!!
07/19/13 01:39:49PM @scotswolfe:
WOW!!!...just WOW!!!! Great collab Bill.A great song already and Joseph's added tracks put it over the top.Hope to hear more like this.Alway enjoy your talented work.


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