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National Stay Home and Make Music Day!

user image 2013-06-19
By: truevulgarian
Posted in: Our newest release!

<p>Join me today in refusing to go to the day job to stay home and make music.&nbsp; I'm hopeful that before long we can have one of these days at least once a week, perhaps replacing Thursdays!&nbsp; I'm hell bent to get some of my stuff recorded and find it's necessary to make tough choices to get some things done.&nbsp; So sorry boss, as a matter of personal priority, I won't be in today.&nbsp; Later...</p><p>Bill Thompson, truevulgarian</p>

Farrell Jackson
06/23/13 10:38:48AM @farrell-jackson:
Bill I think your idea is fantastic and that it will work for me quite well. I have a very understanding boss that happens to love creating and recording music....Great idea, let me ask him. "Farrell, can I skip work this coming Thursday and stay home to record some music?" "Sure why not Farrell you're a good employee". Easy Peasy, it's a done deal, lol!


Lawsuit Pending Records
06/21/13 01:05:20AM @vrane-kamene-crows-of-stone:
Best if its two days because you might be on a roll. Having to wait a whole week to finish it off you might lose your mojo
06/20/13 01:02:01PM @dazed:
Love the idea!


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