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National Drink Beer Day

user image 2013-09-27
By: truevulgarian
Posted in: Helpful News?

Not that there's a direct tie-in to the independent music scene, but by mere coincidence, I suspect many of the wonderful friends I've made at might be interested to know that it's National Drink Beer Day!  Not that you need an excuse, but this is one of the better ones I've encountered to justify getting blitzed...

Bill (truevulgarian)


09/28/13 04:03:41PM @the-truevulgarians:
Belated celebration, Farrell?
09/28/13 04:00:25PM @gene-smith:
Body by Budweiser says I!
Farrell Jackson
09/28/13 03:56:45PM @farrell-jackson:
I'll drink to that Bill! What can we use for tomorrow's excuse?



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